I do email marketing

YES, I can help you. YES, I can fix that. No, it's not as expensive as you think. YES, it pays for itself.

(now we have that out of the way)

Looking for a Pro Cold Mailer to set up your tech stack?

Keep reading to find out why I am exactly the right person to get your ecommerce or drop shipping operation jump started.

Problems I Solve

Technical side of your email operation mystify you?

Take a deep breath, I've got you covered. I manage the complexity so you can just hit send and focus on your product, prospects and customers.

Struggling to get your cold email system sending like it should?

Reliable sending systems you can trust is what I deliver. You will never need to question your fundamentals. Trustworthy infrastructure allows you to focus on testing your offers, subject lines and ad copy.

Straight to spam?

You need a simple review of fundamental issues that are the primary cause. Gain insight and strategies to minimize your exposure to the spam box.

Inbox warming not performing?

Unrealistic promises by gurus and services claiming to keep you out of the spam box. I'll bet you are starting to figure out that they really can not do anything but take your money. Fix this with warming methods tailored to you.

Are you missing a REAL strategy?

You ARE missing out on the biggest open door to your customers by not having an effective email marketing strategy.

Drop shipping without a roadmap?

I bring focus and clarity to your eCommerce and drop shipping operation with helpful strategies.

My name is Mike

I sell tin foil to people who wear tin foil hats©℠®™☠

I have 20 years of experience at all levels of eCommerce and Internet marketing.

Years and years of writing open source software. That is how I learned all the mechanics of how a sale happens. Large scale ecommerce operations doing $30k a day. Integrations before it was easy. Making migration plans because servers are shut down, crumbled under the traffic or just plain died.

Baptisim by fire? Yeah, you could say I have been through the fire(s).

All of this experience, 2 decades of it, has taught me that there is no singular concrete way of doing things. Leveraging my experience in your projects allows you to gain insight into what may or may not happen before it actually does happen and be prepared for what comes next.

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